Water suppliers in the catchment areas of the major European rivers are convinced that a future-proof, climate-friendly, safe and affordable water supply for everyone requires generation-spanning preservation of the usability of the drinking water resources. Their common intention and aim is sustainable and precaution-driven protection of drinking water resources. The resulting strategies and requirements for water protection are specified in this memorandum.

Around 170 water suppliers have joined forces in the organisations listed below. They represent the water protection and drinking water interests of 188 million people in the catchment areas of the rivers Rhine and Ruhr, Danube, Elbe, Meuse and Scheldt in 18 riparian states: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.

European River Memorandum 2020 - English