Members of RIWA-Meuse permanently and comprehensively investigate the quality of the Meuse water at the points of abstraction. Based on this research RIWA-Meuse signals for which substances legal standards or target values from the European River Memorandum (ERM target values) are not being met and which new substances emerge in the water from the Meuse. We consider a pollutant relevant for drinking water production when it is found at several abstraction points during several years within a five year time period in levels above standards of ERM target values.


On a yearly basis RIWA-Meuse reports on the water quality in the River Meuse. Special attention is being given to drinking water relevant substances. Together with RIWA-Rhine we send out a newsletter on current issues. Also water quality data, reports and news items are shared through this website. RIWA-Meuse focusses its communication mainly on the media, national, regional and local authorities, European institutions, international river commissions, the industry and the agricultural sector.


To improve the quality of water in the River Meuse from the perspective of drinking water supply we focus on authorities, branche organisations of producers and consumers their products. We aim for the reduction of emissions of unwanted substances: they can be reduced through laws and regulations (setting of standards), authorisation and use of substances. Within the International Commission for the Meuse we plea for the interests of drinking water with the national and regional governments based of the Meuse Treaty and the Water Framework Directive. Also we speak with these national and regional governments on drinking water interests in other topics such as laws and regulations on the authorisation and use of substances. With waterboards we discuss national or regional plans reflecting on water quality.