Together with our fellow associations from the river basins of the Rhine, Danube, Elbe and Ruhr we have drafted the European River Memorandum (ERM). These associations cover about 170 drinking water companies. Together these companies represent over 115 million consumers of drinking water in 17 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Montenegro, Roemenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Tsjech Republic and Hongaria). They have a common strategy and vision for abstracting water for drinking water production based on the principles of sustainability and precaution/prevention.

RIWA-Meuse works together with various (inter)national partners on clean water in the River Meuse. Sometimes this is based on an agreement focused on information exchange, tuning visions and/or working together on improvement of Meuse river water quality. We talk to fellow sector members such as Vewin, Aquawal and AquaFlanders as well as with representatives of sectors like the chemical industry, agriculture, trade and end user organisations.

We have cooperative agreements with: