Welcome to the RIWA-Meuse website

RIWA-Meuse is an international association of drinking water companies in Belgium and the Netherlands that use the River Meuse as a source for their drinking water production. RIWA-Meuse lobbies in the interest of its members for good water quality of the Meuse water.

Clean water in the rivier Meuse
for a pristene and sustainable drinking water supply


(This website has been fully updated in July 2016)

Latest news

Water quality data 2013

As of today the water quality data from 2013 of various monitoring stations along the river Meuse are published on this website. There are two versions per monitoring station: one in which the parameters are grouped on chemistry and one in which parameters are grouped in application.

Human pharmaceuticals in the water cycle

The English version of STOWA-KWR report has been published. This report gives an overwiew of the actual knowledge concerning the presence and possibile dangers of human pharmaceuticals in the water cycle. The report also shines a light on the possibilities of removal of these pharmaceuticals.